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New Features to Cassandra.API

A bit a changed since we first announced our new application for DataStax Astra, Cassandra as a service hosted on the cloud. In our earlier blog post, we walked you through how our program allows you to import data into Astra, how to set up a Node or Python API that will allow you to communicate with your Astra database and how to run unit tests test to ensure that you are connected properly. Since then, we’ve added added a read and write functionality to our APIs as well as user interface admin that will allow you to to visualize your Astra database. Let’s take a look at what is new with Cassandra.API.

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Cloud Functions for Firebase

Google Cloud Functions is a compute solution for developers to create single-purpose, stand-alone functions that respond to cloud events without the need to manage a server or runtime environment, this is why Cloud Functions are considered serverless architecture.

Cloud Functions for Firebase provides a way to extend the behavior of Firebase and integrate Firebase features through the addition of server-side code. It is a joint product between the Google Cloud Platform team and the Firebase team.

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Lead Tracking System with Tilda, Zapier, and Airtable: Demo Part Two

This is part three in our creating and automating a lead tracking system blog series with Tilda, Zapier, and Airtable. In the previous two posts, we gave an introduction to Tilda and used Tilda to create a site with a form that sends it’s data to Airtable via Zapier. This post will focus on automating next step interaction with the lead after “vetting the lead” and checking them off to send the next steps in Airtable. This blog series can be visualized in video form by watching the webinar linked at the end of the blog.

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Netlify Lambda Functions

Netlify Lambda Functions let you deploy serverless Lambda functions without an AWS account. Your serverless functions are version-controlled, built, and deployed along with the rest of your Netlify site, and Netlify automatically handles service discovery through their built-in API gateway.

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Spark and Cassandra For Machine Learning: Data Pre-processing

Machine learning is increasingly becoming a part of companies’ business platforms. In order to make full use of machine learning in our business platforms, we will need a tool with similar characteristics to our database tools. It needs to be distributed and scale-able, and integrate near seamlessly with our data store. In this post, we will learn about how to perform machine learning using Apache Spark and Cassandra, while also learning more about machine learning in general.

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