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Datastax / Cassandra Data Modeling Strategies

Common Problems in Cassandra Data Models

In our opinion Cassandra is one of best nosql database technologies we’ve used for high availability, large scale, and high speed business platforms, More specifically, we work with Datastax Enterprise version for Cassandra where the clients are above a certain size and need to have enterprise grade support 24/7 365 days a year with expertise around the world. There are many topics in which I could have written about as my first “Cassandra” post on our blog, but decided to write about what I call the three stooges of Cassandra data modeling: Larry (Tombstones), Curly (Data Skew), and Moe (Wide Partitions).

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Getting your team started on Agile Scrum

Overview of Agile Scrum

For project management and software development there are numerous approaches that help your support teams get the job done. However, if these methods are not familiar, well understood, or properly used; their misapplication and the related miscommunications can lead to exercises in futility. When engaging with our clients and prospects we outline our approach to project management to let them know what to expect. We primarily draw from a common methodology for software development, called Agile, and use a process framework called Agile Scrum. Today, we would like to share with you how we pair this methodology with project management tools to deliver solutions to our clients. Below, we will introduce some of the more common software development methodologies, how they work, and how you might interact with them. After reading this post you should, at a minimum, be able to better understand what your developer team is doing, why they are doing it, and relate to some of the unfamiliar words they use.

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Discover leadership principles your company can abide by

Empowering Teams by Sharing Amazon’s Leadership Principles

Being a core member of the Anant team means sharing the same leadership principles. But even though we may share the same principles, we needed to be able to define what they are, and decide what they mean to us. We have discussed what our core values are, and over time we clarified them. We’ve watched videos, reviewed blogs, looked at other successful company stories, and read books on leadership and entrepreneurship (a recent favorite was Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business). You’ll find that many of these resources share  similar thoughts and themes, and in the end we discovered a series of well-defined principles that we recently decided we wanted to adopt.

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An image with different business platform Architectures.

How Business Platforms Are Key to Success

An Early Business Platform Design

An Early Business Platform Design

We at Anant have been building a business platform for the last 10 years.  We have also been helping create modern enterprises, but have recently shifted focus to the business platforms of our clients.  In an effort to convey our refined focusthe Anant team has been taking steps to convey this into a mantra we can follow and communicate to others:

“We inspire CXO’s with best practices and patterns to help them make decisions through evaluations & profiles, and empower them with plans & tools to take action to build their business platforms.”

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Trello - Visual Project Management Tool

Why Trello? – 20 Best Trello Links for the Modern Enterprise

Trello is one of our most frequently used tools and we want to show you how we use it. We also collected the best 20 trello links worthy of your time to help you use it for your modern enterprise. We use it across almost all of our modern enterprise responsibility areas (Slideshare).  First, here’s how our Team leverages Trello as part of our business platform to run our firm.

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Modern Enterprise, Business Platform, and Team

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