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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Strategy Breakfast – Sweet Spot for Big Data

It was great to get together with Big Data enthusiasts last week at the Metro Offices co-working space. If you attended, please send a thank you to Robert Katz (@Robert_Katz) for opening it up. The conversation was an open forum discussion among professionals with backgrounds in digital marketing, law, and finance. There was general agreement that companies need to use data to make decisions; however, participants noted basic impediments such as understanding or identifying the underlying importance of a data point or metric, separating correlation from causation, and wading through unknown-unknowns.



What was generally agreed on is there is value hidden within the information being collected and it is necessary to understand how to access and apply that data to help ourselves and clients stay ahead of the competition. At a basic level, spreadsheets and tools such as Google Analytics provide information about what is happening, but it is important to also understand why numbers are changing and if they are changing in an anticipated manner that indicate a stronger company going forward. This latter point touches on measuring the effects of actions taken by a company, primarily through marketing, and the ultimate return on investment of those actions, whether intended or unintended. The final point, exploring the ‘unknown-unknowns’, or ‘what is possible’, is what seemed to capture the greatest attention of many in the room. Never has there been the opportunity to compare and analyze so many data points and it is sometimes overwhelming to do so or even arduous as information is siloed in separate databases – a challenge Anant is helping businesses overcome.  


Big Data is a big topic and this group conversation will continue at the monthly breakfasts through the end of the year. While the focus for the next breakfast on September 30 has yet to be set, it will most likely delve into both successful and unsuccessful use cases of big data for data-driven decisions in a business environment. Please do not hesitate to contact us with other topic suggestions for either September or subsequent breakfasts. In the interim, you can sign up for the 30th or join us for a webinar on connecting online business software on September 16. We look forward to seeing you again or meeting and talking with you at one of our upcoming events.

Webinar 1 Recap: Building Online Business Software 101 (B2B)

Last week saw the kickoff of Anant’s webinar series focused on helping you maximize business intelligence insights hidden or locked away in your software and business information. We enjoyed hearing about the attendees’ goals and look forward to helping them be successful without worrying about how to manipulate all those pesky 1’s and 0’s. CEO Rahul Singh demonstrated the features of some common cloud business software technologies (commonly referred to as SaaS applications or “Software as a Service”), provided insights, and addressed guests’ questions.

At a high level, we showed everyone how to get information from one SaaS application to another without the need for a software engineering degree. For example, through Zoho we tackled the challenge of building a personalized interface for data collection. With the Zoho Platform you can build small business applications using Zoho Creator. Additionally, you can use Zoho Forms to construct easy to use and modify forms. Going further with these two applications you can use a tool such as Skyvia to synchronize your data between Zoho and a central database. Once implemented you are able to apply business analytics tools to that database to gather analytics from Zoho. Some of the analytics tools that our clients have found value in are Metabase and Kibana as they worked to improve their operational efficiency and more deeply understand their stakeholders needs and actions.


For those of you with the time to review the slides or watch the webinar take a look below!



The next one-hour webinar, focused on how to connect your online software applications together and integrate the resulting data for deeper business analysis and insights, takes place Friday, September 16, at 10am EDT. If you can’t wait until then to meet us or ask a question, join us tomorrow for breakfast or send us a question. Follow along as we continue to empower business users to create things without programming. 

What are some tools your business uses when building software or applications? What tools have played a role in improving your building process? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

Webinar 1: Building Online Business Software 101 (B2B)

Have you considered using Salesforce, Zoho for your app database? Why not? Which cloud hosting should you use? Azure, Amazon, or Heroku? What’s a great starting point for a simple application database that can be used on the web and on my phone? We’ll answer these questions and more. 

Anant and it’s team members have helped businesses build, serve, and scale online software for over 18 years leveraging open source software, hosted services, and global internet networks. If you are trying to build internet software to better connect, organize, or manage information for your team, customers, or vendors watch this webinar to see how to leverage existing systems and not reinvent the wheel like your current web developer, web designer, or self-proclaimed product developer may suggest. 



  • Understanding your Business
    • Discover: Understanding Why, What and Where
    • Architect: Technically Informed Design
      • Interface
      • Software
      • Database
      • Systems
  • Building with Existing Technology
    • Architect: Technically Informed Design
      • Interface Frameworks
      • Software Platforms
      • Databases and APIs
      • Existing Systems Open Source / SaaS
    • Develop: Continuously Iterating & Delivering
  • Launching the App
    • Maintain: Who will Maintain the Software/Database/Systems?
    • Manage: Who will Maintain the Systems?

We will cover the following technologies and how they can help you get a head start in your initial minimum viable product without having to invest 30-50k in web development.

  • Interface: Angular, React, Xamarin iOS/Android
  • Software: .NET / Java / Ruby / PHP
  • Database: Relational / Non Relational
  • Systems: Cloud Platforms, Open Source Systems, Existing SaaS

Although the principles in this webinar are catered towards businesses that need to cater to other businesses, anyone is welcome to join. You can register here.

Rahul Singh leads Business Planning Workshop at Emerging Native Leaders Summit 2016

Rahul Singh, CEO of Anant Corp, is going to be taking part in the Native American Contractors Association’s (NACA) Emerging Native Leaders Summit 2016! We are excited to have Rahul speak in front of young entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business knowledge. Find more information on our Events page or on NACA’s website here!

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