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Monthly Archives: April 2018

Leaves April 2018

Leaves April 2018

This month, we continued to collect knowledge about different aspects of blockchain technology, distributed & decentralized systems, Mesos, Kubernetes, Kafka, and Leadership & Management. The following are 6 of the most interesting things we stumbled across the month of April. (Last month: Leaves March 2018).

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CIO or IT Director or Tech Guy?

Difference between a CIO and an IT Director

What’s the difference between a CIO and an “IT Director”? Isn’t a CIO (Chief Information Officer) the same as an “IT Guy” (or IT Manager)? While both execute important functions for a business, a competent CIO helps move your company to the next level and out of a reactive state. A CIO helps you build your business “success” platform.

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Top 10 CRMs – Ditching Custom Legacy Software

Why it’s an easy decision to move away from a Legacy CRM system

Legacy Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, usually based on an in-house client-server model or an early generation browser-based system, are just not efficient or integrated enough for today’s organizational uses. Continued use of these systems also comes with an ever-growing cost and a high possibility of your company falling behind the marketing and lead generating train.

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Leaves March 2018


Something we do regularly at our company is collect useful articles, blog posts, white papers, websites and more in the form of links we add to an internal system called Leaves. The following are 5 of the most interesting things we stumbled across this past month of March.

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Why Adopt Sitecore for your Business Platform

What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is one platform to manage all your digital experiences through multiple channels.  In plain terms, it’s a commercial product for managing websites, virtual reality, and mobile experiences for organizations and is highly popular among Fortune 500 and 1000 firms. Sitecore is most known for managing content for organizations that require flexibility and a deep understanding of how users are interacting with their digital marketing.  It empowers your company to deliver a unique experience within the context of current and past customer interactions with your brand, across any channel in real time. The result is improved web traffic through a personalized and relevant customer experience. Sitecore also provides best practices to produce default and custom analytics on any user interaction.

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