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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Sitecore and Docker

Get Started with Docker and Sitecore

Sitecore is quickly becoming a product where cloud and containers have a role to play.   Now that companies are starting to master Sitecore Content Management, they need options for true cloud scale deployment.  This is where docker and cloud services such as Azure or AWS come in.


Developers and IT administrators can create custom Docker compose scripts to ensure delivery follows the polices set by the enterprise.   Below are the steps needed to get started with your first Sitecore Docker experience.

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Business Platform Design - Global Networks

Business Platform Design: The Next Generation of The Modern Enterprise

Before the internet, enterprises that thought about business platform design leveraged technology only when they achieved a certain scale that required technology to operate and to compete at a national or global scale. Phones, & faxes were used to connect disparate units and locations. Mainframes were connected to smaller computers. Today much has changed, but much has remained the same. Instead of phone calls and faxes, different business units talk through email, APIs, and Enterprise Service Buses. Customers use web portals, and mobile apps to interact with The “cloud” representation of the company, the modern-day mainframe. The modern enterprise, as I have called it since 2010 is a set of people, processes, information, and systems (also collectively known as technology) coordinated through the internet.


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Airtable for Managing the Partnership Development Process

Airtable is a really easy to use tool for your business platform, especially for managing your business development processes. We use it for various processes in our team. If you haven’t read my previous post on Airtable, you should. In this and subsequent posts, I’ll be showing you how you can use Airtable specifically to organize, lead, and manage People. Today’s post focuses on business development: How to manage your partnership development process.

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Clock on computer

Why Capacity Planning is Important for your Team

Bad capacity planning is like throwing a party for one hundred guests and setting up 150 place settings with only 75 chairs, the food arrived a day early and the live band will play the following day. What a mess!

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Train your Team on the Sitecore Experience

Why Train your team for Sitecore?

Sitecore is an impressive product however it requires training before an employee can use and work on it.  This includes all roles that interact with Sitecore such as but not limited to Users, Admins, Developers, Designers, and Content Authors.  This post serves as a guide to provide training for your team, whether your company receives professional training or you do it yourself.

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