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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Monitoring Complex Systems

Resources for Monitoring Datastax, Cassandra, Spark, & Solr Performance

This resource for monitoring Datastax, Cassandra, Spark, & Solr performance is just the first iteration of a longer initiative to create the best knowledge base on these real-time data platform technologies such as DataStax Enterprise (Cassandra, Spark, and Solr) as well as for Kafka, Docker, and Kubernetes. Our firm, Anant, has been working with Solr/Lucene for several years, and then over the years picked up Spark and Cassandra, and then made the logical move to become experts at and partners with Datastax.

Datastax OpsCenter is good but we’re wise enough to say, however, that it is just the beginning of the toolset needed to really understand what is happening under the hood in the component technologies that comprise of the Datastax Enterprise Platform. When monitoring to scale complex systems such as business platforms you need to review all signals, not just those that come from the database.

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The Dos and Don’ts When Working With Remote Talent

Nowadays companies are able to use the world as their talent pool. There are sites like Remote OK that can help you find such talent. With that, comes a few caveats and challenges. Here we’ll cover the dos and don’ts of having a successful relationship with your remote talent.

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10 Sites to Learn About Business Online

A core tenet at Anant is to help empower anyone, anywhere to be an entrepreneur. We help small and large companies leverage technology to enhance their businesses. For our employees and contractors, we encourage continual learning about business and software. Here are sites we use and share with our team members to build their skills and potentially launch their own businesses.

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Leaves June 2018

As we continue to sharpen our skills in our practice, we expanded our knowledge in a few areas which are directly related to our client work. The topics that attracted us this past month were DataStax 6 and Docker, The Internet’s Humble Beginnings, IT as an Opportunity Center, Human Achievement, Skeuomorphic Design. The following are 5 of the most interesting things we stumbled across during the month of June. (Last month: Leaves May 2018).

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Business Intelligence Tools We Recommend 2/4 – Redash

This is the second part of our series covering Business Intelligence tools. Our previous post was on Metabase. What we’ll cover in this post is the widely popular MySQL based analytics tool, Redash. You can easily access a demo of Redash by going to the following link and logging in using any Google account.

In this series we will cover the four following applications:

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