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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Cassandra as a service cover image

Cassandra as a Service in the Cloud

In this blog, we will cover 3 ways you can utilize Cassandra as a service in the cloud. We will cover DataStax Astra, Amazon Keyspaces, and Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB. A video is embedded in the blog where you can watch a live demo where we spin up databases on each of these services and take a look at the cool features each service provides.

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Introduction to DSE Graph


Datastax Enterprise Graph (DSE Graph) is a NoSQL database tool that is optimized for storing objects and their relationships. It is a distributed database, just like Cassandra, and has many of the same advantages. It can scale to handle massive amounts of data, is optimized for high-speed transactions, and built for high reliability, just like Cassandra. DataStax enterprise graph specifically, also comes with access to other DataStax enterprise features, like DSE Search capabilities and security features.

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read and write paths

Apache Cassandra Lunch #20: Cassandra Read and Write Paths

In Cassandra Lunch #20, we discuss Cassandra read and write paths which is how Cassandra stores and retrieves data at high speeds. We won’t cover how Cassandra replicates data because that is its own subject, but we will take a look at these four sub-topics: Write Path, Update / Delete, Maintenance Path, and Read Path.

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Deploying Kubernetes on AWS using Terraform Pt. 2

Today I’m going to walk you through how to deploy Kubernetes on AWS using Terraform. In Part 1 of this series, I mentioned that I had a tough time getting my terraform demonstration to work because of my auto-scaling configuration. That resulted in endless instances being spun up on my AWS account and prevented me from creating more due to the limit. This time around I was able to get my demo working successfully! The procedure and setup are different from my first attempt however I had an in-depth overview of Kubernetes in the first webinar so I will include them in the same series.

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Open source BI tools and Cassandra Hero

Open Source BI Tools and Cassandra

In this blog, we will cover 3 different open source BI tools that you can use to do SQL and reporting on Apache Cassandra. This blog is part 4 and wraps up our series on “Doing SQL and Reporting on Apache Cassandra with Open Source Tools”. Parts 1-3 will be linked at the end of the blog if you want to check them out as well. Also, a webinar will be embedded below if you want to watch a video version of this blog; as well as, a live demo using one of the tools we discuss!

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