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The 5 Fundamental Things You Need to be on Top of as a Project Manager

The following are the 5 fundamental things any project manager needs to knock out of the park in order to successfully manage, lead, and deliver projects. It’s by no means an exhaustive list, but there are few project managers out there who won’t have at least one of the items below in their top 5.

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Business Intelligence Tools We Recommend 1/4 – Metabase

BI is useful. It’s pretty. But it never really matters unless you’re getting real value out of it.

In this 4-part series we’ll briefly explore some the tools we believe are best suited towards helping you get value out of your data. In this first of our series on “Business Intelligence Tools We Recommend” we’re going to cover Metabase – a popular open-source BI tool you can find on GitHub.

In this series we will cover the four following applications:

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The Project Manager’s Batman Belt


The following 10 tools will help you, as a Project Manager, get your job done effectively and on time. Most of these tools facilitate communication in one way or another, whether that communication is between people or software applications. Let us know at if you feel like we missed any big tools you use all the time!

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Leaves March 2018


Something we do regularly at our company is collect useful articles, blog posts, white papers, websites and more in the form of links we add to an internal system called Leaves. The following are 5 of the most interesting things we stumbled across this past month of March.

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Business Intelligence Lunch & Learn

Choice Paralysis

Nowadays, there are hundreds of business intelligence tools available for companies of all shapes and sizes. Without a doubt, this has both enabled business leaders and slowed them down. It has become difficult to make any choice in an area that has so many of them. 

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