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Ensuring Business Platform Delivery with Virtual Professionals

We all know what the terms “remote work” and “working from home” mean and how they can be productive.   However these opportunities are few and far between when compared to traditional full time on site positions.   This article will make the argument for ensuring delivery through use of a full time Virtual Professional and how they should be as common as there are Starbucks on every corner.  Imagine a world where every job you apply to gives you the choice of working at the office, from virtually anywhere, or both.

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Sitecore and SearchStax

Deploy your Sitecore Solr Instance at Scale with SearchStax


Every Sitecore instance includes search.  You cant avoid it.  The question is which product or provider fits your needs and scales with your growth.  Usually this comes down to environment (mostly your network), cost, and the team’s willingness to try out new cloud architectures.  If your team has chosen Apache Solr then you have a range of ways of implementation.  Most Sitecore customers tend to choose Solr for its free open source architecture however the trade off is more development hours than top tier commercial products.

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Sitecore and Docker

Get Started with Docker and Sitecore

Sitecore is quickly becoming a product where cloud and containers have a role to play.   Now that companies are starting to master Sitecore Content Management, they need options for true cloud scale deployment.  This is where docker and cloud services such as Azure or AWS come in.


Developers and IT administrators can create custom Docker compose scripts to ensure delivery follows the polices set by the enterprise.   Below are the steps needed to get started with your first Sitecore Docker experience.

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Train your Team on the Sitecore Experience

Why Train your team for Sitecore?

Sitecore is an impressive product however it requires training before an employee can use and work on it.  This includes all roles that interact with Sitecore such as but not limited to Users, Admins, Developers, Designers, and Content Authors.  This post serves as a guide to provide training for your team, whether your company receives professional training or you do it yourself.

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Sitecore logo

Why Adopt Sitecore for your Business Platform

What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is one platform to manage all your digital experiences through multiple channels.  In plain terms, it’s a commercial product for managing websites, virtual reality, and mobile experiences for organizations and is highly popular among Fortune 500 and 1000 firms. Sitecore is most known for managing content for organizations that require flexibility and a deep understanding of how users are interacting with their digital marketing.  It empowers your company to deliver a unique experience within the context of current and past customer interactions with your brand, across any channel in real time. The result is improved web traffic through a personalized and relevant customer experience. Sitecore also provides best practices to produce default and custom analytics on any user interaction.

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