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An Overview and Comparison of Datastax Dependencies for Cassandra, Spark and Graph

If you like wrestling with dependencies and version incompatibility issues as much as I do, then this post is for you! This post arises out of a project requiring execution of Gremlin traversals using multiple query APIs, and from both a DSE Graph Analytics cluster and an external Spark cluster at the same time. What we found is that keeping all the different available DSE libraries straight wasn’t always easy. The goal of this blog post is to summarize what we learned from the project so that others can know which library to use and why, particularly when using Spark and Graph with Cassandra. We will look at seven libraries, including DSE Java Driver, OSS Unified Java Driver, dse-java-driver-graph, OSS Spark Cassandra Connector, DSE GraphFrames, BYOS, and dse-spark-dependencies.

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