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Principles: Guiding Lighthouse of Busines

Principles of Successful Companies by Legendary Founders

Successful companies have strong principles that have helped guide them through their growth. The word principles is often used in business, only occasionally understood, but very rarely exercised the way it is defined. In our own journey be better leaders and business people for our team at Anant, I’ve come across different personal and corporate principles which I have learned from and adopted as my own over the years. Our current set of corporate principles is a combination of ideas from my own Principles of the Modern Enterprise (upcoming post), and Amazon’s Leadership Principles. As we continue to improve our principles to reflect our vision and who we are, we strive to learn from others to be in line with our principle of “Don’t reinvent the wheel” and study those made by Apple, Amazon, Ford, Bridgewater Associates, and General Electric.

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Hiring the right CIO for your Entrepreneurial Operating System

Do you know what is on your company’s VTO, or Vision/Traction Organizer? The VTO is a two-page document Gene Wickman and his team at EOS Worldwide created to help C-level leaders bring focus and clarity to what their company will become and how it will get there. This document takes both a short (one-quarter) and long-term view (10 years) of where the company is going.


For the vision to be effective, leadership from across the company will need to buy-in and work together to move the business in the desired direction. One of the major points Mr. Wickman makes is that a firm has three functional areas – sales, delivery, and administration – and if one of these areas is weak or the areas do not work together, the company will struggle to fulfill its vision. Thus, it is important for each leader to recognize and understand how their actions will support or impact other areas of the company.

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A photo of a palm tree leaf? Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

Leaves May 2018

As we continue to sharpen our skills in our practice, we expanded our knowledge in a few areas which are directly related to our client work. The topics that attracted us this past month were Storage in Ephemeral Systems, Corporate Principles, Kubernetes Operators, Airtable Integratio, Natural Language Processing.The following are 5 of the most interesting things we stumbled across the month of May. (Last month: Leaves April 2018).

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Choosing a Web Hosting Provider for Your Platform

There are so many web hosting companies out there how do you know which one to choose? I suggest beginning by evaluating your business platform needs. Besides reviewing the current infrastructure I recommend using Google Analytics or another similar tool to help determine traffic and usage of your platform(s).

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Business Platform Design - Global Networks

Business Platform Design: The Next Generation of The Modern Enterprise

Before the internet, enterprises that thought about business platform design leveraged technology only when they achieved a certain scale that required technology to operate and to compete at a national or global scale. Phones, & faxes were used to connect disparate units and locations. Mainframes were connected to smaller computers. Today much has changed, but much has remained the same. Instead of phone calls and faxes, different business units talk through email, APIs, and Enterprise Service Buses. Customers use web portals, and mobile apps to interact with The “cloud” representation of the company, the modern-day mainframe. The modern enterprise, as I have called it since 2010 is a set of people, processes, information, and systems (also collectively known as technology) coordinated through the internet.


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