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K8ssandra - Helm Chart for Cassandra & Other Tools

What is K8ssandra?

K8ssandra is a helm chart that allows Apache Cassandra DBAs to easily bring up and manage a Cassandra cluster on any distribution of Kubernetes using a few simple commands. So what makes K8ssandra different from an operator such as Cass-Operator, CassKop?

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Data Operations Guide for Apache Cassandra

This series will outline the general approaches for data operations in business-critical environments that leverage Cassandra and must maintain high-availability in an agile development and continuous delivery environment. 

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Apache Cassandra : The Interplanetary Database

Just imagine a business platform that needs to work for people not just in three contents, but three planets. The idea is not as farfetched as you may think.

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Apache Cassandra Lunch #22: Cassandra Deployment and Administration Tools

In case you missed it, this blog post is a recap of Cassandra Lunch #22, covering deployment and administration tools for Cassandra. We will discuss a number of tools for the installation, configuration, monitoring, and administration of Cassandra clusters.

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Introduction to DSE Graph


Datastax Enterprise Graph (DSE Graph) is a NoSQL database tool that is optimized for storing objects and their relationships. It is a distributed database, just like Cassandra, and has many of the same advantages. It can scale to handle massive amounts of data, is optimized for high-speed transactions, and built for high reliability, just like Cassandra. DataStax enterprise graph specifically, also comes with access to other DataStax enterprise features, like DSE Search capabilities and security features.

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