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Apache Spark Companion Technologies: Notebooks

Notebooks are a potentially useful tool for those working with Apache Spark. The Databricks platform, built on Spark, also includes notebooks as a standard feature. As part of an ongoing series of webinars on replicating functionality that is part of the Databricks platform, we will be attempting to connect notebooks to Apache Spark ourselves. 

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Connecting Apache Spark and DataStax Astra

In this blog, we discuss connecting Apache Spark and DataStax Astra. Also, a webinar recording is embedded below if you want to watch a live demo where we use Gitpod and Spark-Shell to connect to DataStax Astra. Stay tuned as this will be Part 1 of the “Apache Spark and DataStax Astra” series and Part 2 will cover how to run a Spark job on our DataStax Astra database.

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Comparing Databricks and Apache Spark

Databricks is an analytics engine based on Apache Spark. Today we will discuss what features Databricks offers in comparison to the base version of Apache Spark, and whether these capabilities are something that we can do without going through Databricks.

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