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Observing Data on Ipad

Databox Evaluation + Klipfolio Comparison

Databox is an online BI tool that helps users pull their data into one centralized repository, so they can track performance and discover insights in real-time. It also allows users to mix and match their data in one place using data boards to help cut downtime checking data and creating reports from multiple KPIs in order to allow more time for making data-driven decisions. These data boards are real-time visualizations of your data, and they can be monitored anywhere, while also being optimized to be viewable on a desktop, mobile app, Apple Watch, and even a TV.

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Get Intelligent with Metabase

Metabase is a great tool that allows people to get to know the data they operate with on a daily basis. Just like with all technology, there are different ways to use it, some good and some bad. Here at Anant, we have a method that has yeilded excellent results while using Metabase.

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Mastering Service in the Service of Others

When you provide a service to a consumer base, it is best to strive to provide best possible value because not only will that grow the value of your practice but also your audience. However, becoming a master is not always easy or straightforward.

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Top 5 Open Source Libraries to Scrape Website Data

Scraping website data is like a magic trick that lets you extract web data without having to copy and paste. It can all be done through some lines of code if you know basic Python syntax.

Large companies are using this technology to grow their business. Even Google scraps website data to analyze content and and rank them based on the relevance to your Google search. There are many use cases of web scraping in research, e-commerce, price comparison, market analysis, and lead collection. Regardless of the problem you’re trying to solve, these 5 open source libraries will help you scrape website data.

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Delivering Real Time Analytics with Sitecore and DataStax

In one of my earlier articles, I talked about why your company or organization should adopt Sitecore as your Experience Platform. It’s a good platform for users, content authors, and developers to create compelling and engaging digital experiences as well as collect information on website traffic. Machine learning and analytics in personalized content are two of the most compelling features of Sitecore. In today’s world, companies, particularly the Fortune 500, require real-time analytics to help drive stakeholder goals.

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