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Build Your Business Team First

People tend to think that all the focus of a company should be on the product or service but if you truly wish to grow, you need to build up your employees first. Often, people think the most important thing is the product/service. While that is important, if you do not have people to support its longevity, your business will fail.

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Business Knowledge Management Through Search

Collecting information is easy but organizing that knowledge into a format that is both easily accessible and straightforward can be challenging. In the world of business, time is money and you want to make sure that any and all information relating to your business is available at all times.

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Internet tools

The Internet & You

The internet has enhanced and revolutionized all aspects of our life, both personal or professional. Every day, humans use the power of the internet in everything we do. From ordering pizza to looking for potential clients, the internet is the gift that always gives back. However, the majority of people haven’t leveraged its power to its full potentials.

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Modern Enterprises

The Modern Enterprise – The Business of Business Today

Is it easier today to start a business? Create and market products? Or how about providing services to the masses? These are all questions worth asking. Now more than ever, everything inevitably involves the Internet and with this resource, an enterprise today can quite literally operate from anywhere in this world.

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Why Onboarding is Crucial for a Successful Business

What is an on-boarding process?

Before we dive into the importance of an onboarding process, let’s try to understand the process itself.  Onboarding is a process of integrating new employees into the organization and preparing them for success in their position. The goal of this process is to help new hires get acquainted with their new environment and get started on the right foot. Most people often think orientation is the onboarding process, but this is not the case. It’s important to understand the difference between them. While Orientation is a specific event, typically lasting a day, onboarding is a process which starts from the day the new hire accepted the offer and continues for weeks or even months after the first day at the office.

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