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Developer Workshop – Building a REST API with Cassandra using Python and Node

Rahul Singh, CEO, and Co-founder at Anant, recently co-hosted a virtual workshop as a part of the Datastax Developer Workshop series on building a REST API with Cassandra on DataStax Astra using python and node.

DataStax Astra is a cloud-native database-as-a-service built on Apache Cassandra.

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Setting up your DataStax Astra instance with Cassandra.API

Earlier this year, DataStax announced DataStax Astra: A Cassandra Database SaaS that provides the ability to develop and deploy data-driven applications with a cloud-native service, without the hassles of database and infrastructure administration. We had been looking forward to the launch of this service since we first heard about it, when it was initially called DataStax Constellation. Over the past month and a half, we’ve been working on a program that would allow anyone to get up and running on Astra in as little time as possible. In this blog post, we’re going to go over how our program allows you to import data into Astra, how to set up a Node or Python API that will allow you to communicate with your Astra database and how to run our curl/postman test to ensure that you are connected properly.

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Spark and Cassandra For Machine Learning: Setup

Machine learning is increasingly becoming a part of people’s business platforms. In order to make full use of machine learning in our business platforms, we will need a tool with similar characteristics to our database tools. It needs to be distributed and scale-able, and integrate near seamlessly with our data store. Luckily Spark is a great tool for this purpose. In this post and future ones, we will learn about how to set up an environment for performing machine learning using Apache Spark and Cassandra, and also learning more about machine learning in general.

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Rahul Singh on The Distributed Data Show

Rahul Singh, CEO, and Co-founder of Anant, recently joined Cedrick Lunven on The Distributed Data Show. The Distributed Data Show is a weekly show by the DataStax Developer Advocate team and is released every Tuesday with guests ranging from DataStax engineers to special guests from the broader data community. The Distributed Data Show can be followed on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. This episode features Rahul’s background as a Platform Architect and specialization in real-time business platforms, his history with Cassandra, and some of his activities in the Cassandra Community, which includes content curation such as Awesome Cassandra, a curated list of the best Cassandra resources, Cassandra.Link, Cassandra.Tools, and Cassandra.Network (coming soon). This episode is just part one of the interview, so be sure to be on the lookout for part two!

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Tools To Visualize Data in Cassandra / Datastax

Visualizing data helps companies interpret and analyze massive amounts of data to help them make data-driven decisions. Visualization allows for understanding trends, outliers, and patterns that may not be as obvious in just a table format. Finding the best way to visualize data in Cassandra or DataStax may be time-consuming as there are many tools, commercial and open-source, but not all of them enable connections to Cassandra and/or DataStax. Here are some of the best tools to help users visualize their data in Cassandra or DataStax.

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