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Q: Why Docker? Why December 17?

A: To make it easy to package and ship code.


Docker can be your assembly line for software production. If you’re building software with complex architecture, using software like Docker can significantly reduce the time for software development, testing, and deployment through the use of “containers”. For the client, this approach can significantly reduce software development costs, accelerate delivery cycles and launch times of ideas, and potentially decrease coding errors that hinder your services and hurt the bottom line. Docker is used by thousands of companies as part of their DevOps processes and its adoption is expected to continue to grow. Here are a few examples: Red Hat, Rackspace, Spotify, and more!


One of Docker’s great attributes is its ‘malleability.’ You can rapidly build things and tear them down if needed, enabling you to nimbly adapt when an urgent application deployment arises. Docker’s greatest utility is in situations where a client or project needs to quickly stand up a developing and testing environment, an application, and all the associated dependencies. We plan to show how we are using Docker internally and externally to service both our clients’ and our needs.


To a technologist, the beneficial aspects of Docker are clear; however, there are other benefits that accrue to the end user as well. First, the end user more than likely will not need to modify their hardware and software setup to accommodate Docker assembled applications. Applications will not force the user to restart the whole application or worry about ‘fluff’ filling their servers. Finally, the isolation feature inherent with Docker containers walls off the application while also reducing the draw on computing power providing some additional security advantages and better overall performance of computing platforms.


The workshop on 12/17 will focus on the technical side of using Docker. We will present Docker basics for both Linux and Windows, as well as doing a review of Docker Compose and other Docker tools. While we want everyone to know and share about how to use these features, we hope you can explain why Docker is being adopted and how end users also benefit.


You can sign up here and contact us at if you have any questions!

Mind like Water – Getting to Continuous Delivery (Rahul Singh – Anant)


On January 19, 2016, Rahul Singh, the CEO at Anant gave a speech: Mind like Water – Getting to Continuous at the DC Continuous Delivery Meetup group. This speech was about implementing changes in organizations.

In his speech, Rahul discussed:

  • What is cultural change?
  • The “change management” methods. Do they work?
  • Practical change is incremental changes
  • Lasting change comes from core values.
  • How priorities are driving us to continuous everything.

As the CEO at an IT consulting firm, he had led Anant to go through several iterations culturally to be more focused, prioritized, and continuously improving. One of these improvements is to do CICD – continuous integration and continuous deployment. Anant has it on several projects. Since the team works with different “service solutions” that have their own special configurations of their software which are on “product solutions”, they couldn’t do an overnight change.

This talk has shown the attendees how Anant struggled and are moving through the muck as they approach the other side.



Anant is the sponsor of DC Enterprise Tech Meetup group, we are a group of entrepreneurs embracing new tech trends, modern enterprise and web technologies. Check out our next event here!


Event Sponsor: DC Continuous Delivery Meetup

This meetup is dedicated to sharing tools and techniques for delivering software repeatably and reliably to production. If you are interested in learning about automating day to day tasks, writing build scripts, build tools, continuous integration servers, continuous deployment, DevOps, Puppet or Chef, test automation, deployment pipelines, database provisioning, and much much more, then this is the group for you!


Software Automation and Integration


Anant, a sponsor of DC Enterprise Tech Meetup, held the monthly strategy breakfast on Oct. 2nd, 2015, where we discussed the software automation and integration.  Rahul Singh shared in-depth insights regarding how automation and integration can create lasting positive effects in businesses looking to eliminate or reduce the amount of redundant processes in their organizations.


We also spoke about how this approach can initiate a culture change from within, one which can spread through to other departments, such as software engineering in the form of Continuous Delivery Continuous Integration, also referred to as “CICD” in the software industry.


Anant specializes in analytics for companies with multiple and disconnected online systems, building websites for associations with multiple domains, and at-scale search.


Thank you Cove (@coveDC) for hosting this month’s strategy breakfast!