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Seamless CICD

CICD is the combined practices of continuous integration and continuous delivery and/or continuous deployment. CICD is intended to increase the productivity and efficiency of any team but it is not a one-click operation. Some CICD techniques are incomplete and or imperfect.

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Development operations diagram

Tips for DevOps: Advice for Staying Productive

Over 75 percent of the companies polled in a recent survey claimed that they were either in the process of adopting development operations (“DevOps”) practices or had already adopted them. Many companies are using the data they receive to optimize various programs and apps for mass consumption.

The key to beating out the competition in the modern world of business is getting your app to market first. This is where having a knowledgeable and productive DevOps team comes in handy.

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Sitecore and Docker

Get Started with Docker and Sitecore

Sitecore is quickly becoming a product where cloud and containers have a role to play.   Now that companies are starting to master Sitecore Content Management, they need options for true cloud scale deployment.  This is where docker and cloud services such as Azure or AWS come in.


Developers and IT administrators can create custom Docker compose scripts to ensure delivery follows the polices set by the enterprise.   Below are the steps needed to get started with your first Sitecore Docker experience.

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Why Docker?

The short answer is  “To make it easy to package and ship code.”


Docker can be your assembly line for software production. If you’re building software with complex architecture, using software like Docker can significantly reduce the time for software development, testing, and deployment through the use of “containers”. For the client, this approach can significantly reduce software development costs, accelerate delivery cycles and launch times of ideas, and potentially decrease coding errors that hinder your services and hurt the bottom line. Docker is used by thousands of companies as part of their DevOps processes and its adoption is expected to continue to grow. Here are a few examples: Red Hat, Rackspace, Spotify, and more!

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Mind like Water – Getting to Continuous Delivery (Rahul Singh – Anant)



On January 19, 2016, Rahul Singh, the CEO at Anant gave a speech titled “Mind like Water – Getting to Continuous” at the DC Continuous Delivery Meetup group. This speech was about implementing changes in organizations as they relate to development operations.


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