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5 Critical Skills that a CIO Needs for Success

There are few leaders that are able to move from a technical managerial or directorial position into the role of a chief and thrive in it off the bat. Many such leaders never manage to reach their utmost potential, the dizzying pace of technological progress is perhaps part of the reason success as a CIO has become more difficult. If you don’t know the differences between a CIO and CTO check out this article here.

It’s safe to say that the companies that are able to use technology not only as a back-office tool to keep the lights running, but as a catalyst for business growth and development, are going to be the companies that will win in the 21st century, and a skillful CIO is key to that success. These are the skills a CIO needs to muster in order to push her organization forward in the digital era.

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Hiring the right CIO for your Entrepreneurial Operating System

Do you know what is on your company’s VTO, or Vision/Traction Organizer? The VTO is a two-page document Gene Wickman and his team at EOS Worldwide created to help C-level leaders bring focus and clarity to what their company will become and how it will get there. This document takes both a short (one-quarter) and long-term view (10 years) of where the company is going.


For the vision to be effective, leadership from across the company will need to buy-in and work together to move the business in the desired direction. One of the major points Mr. Wickman makes is that a firm has three functional areas – sales, delivery, and administration – and if one of these areas is weak or the areas do not work together, the company will struggle to fulfill its vision. Thus, it is important for each leader to recognize and understand how their actions will support or impact other areas of the company.

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