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Supercharging Sublime Text 3 to work with ReactJS

Sublime Text 3 is not a traditional IDE because it does not offer certain capabilities such as debugging, code suggestions, code refactoring or build compilation. However, this has not stopped it from being one of the most sought-after code editors in the game. With its unique set of API’s, you are able to accomplish all the things you would be able to with a traditional IDE, but in a more efficient and personalized way. I’m going to show you how I outfitted my development environment to help me with my day to day tasks.  

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Resourceful NodeJS Packages for ETL

In my previous blog post, we spoke about using NodeJS for doing ETL jobs. In this post, I’m going to highlight a few of the NodeJS packages that I’ve used in the past. I’ll explain their importance and how they are used. Let’s get started and hopefully, you’ll find this post to be of use to you.

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Create a Landing Page Without Touching Any Code

In my last piece, I discussed why it was important for every business to use landing pages in their digital client acquisition efforts. After establishing the benefits of a landing page, the next step is creating one. Creating a landing page can be done in one of two ways: by using a tool (content management systems, WordPress plugins, mailing list service, or ready-made templates) or by building the whole page from scratch, which requires programming. It can be challenging to use code to create a landing page, especially if you have no background in coding. This article will walk you through the top tools that will help you with code-free landing page creation.

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