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Web and Enterprise Portals

Web and Enterprise portals have been around ever since the early days of the internet and they are still heavily relied upon today. Nowadays, businesses are focused on trying to provide the best customer experience as possible in relation to these two portals. But first, explore what these portals are and how they are used.

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Enterprise Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is the method of trading used by organizations when procuring large contracts for goods and or services. Basically, the customer takes control of the selling process by issuing a “Request for Proposal” and requiring a proposal response from previously identified or interested suppliers.

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Enterprise Service Bus

Enterprise Service Bus is a software architecture model that is used for designing and implementing communication within a project. It follows a service-oriented structure and helps to establish a connection between mutually interacting software applications.

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Enterprise Frameworks: Java and .NET

Understanding Enterprise Frameworks can be a tall order however we have a presentation to help get you accustomed. Below, we go over Java & .NET, giving you a crash course in two of the most influential frameworks in the market right now.

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Microenterprise – Building the Future, Today

Now more than ever can a small team get off the ground quickly, start selling and deliver their service or product, and compete with established players.

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