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DSE Graph in G.V() IDE

For several months now I have had my eye on G.V() IDE, an exciting new development in the Tinkerpop/Gremlin world. However, I wanted to wait for G.V() IDE to have compatibility with DSE Graph before giving it a test run – which became true as of the recent 0.9.14 release. Why is this an exciting new development, you may ask? A major hurdle for new developers getting started with Tinkerpop is the query language. While there is documentation and an active community that is (surprisingly) responsive and willing to help beginners, the Gremlin query language still creates a learning curve.

Add to that the difficulty of identifying mistakes until runtime, and the process of developing applications in Gremlin can become quite demanding.

However, lately, there have been various efforts at helping mitigate this learning curve. Previously I reviewed AWS Graph Notebook, a tool that provides a Jupyter notebook environment for graph databases. In this post, I will be taking a look at another tool that provides out-of-the-book visualization and REPL interactivity for Tinkerpop, but this time around in the form of an IDE: G.V().

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