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How to Code a Landing Page

In my last post, I discussed how to create a landing page without touching any code. This post is a beginner’s introduction for those who want to get their hands dirty with programming and code a landing page. In order to create a landing page from scratch, the minimum programming skills you’ll need to have are some degree of versatility in HTML and CSS, and how they factor into creating your landing page. This post doesn’t cover how to register and configure your website name nor does it cover how to actually host a website, rather it is focused on introducing you to the two basic programming languages required in creating a rudimentary landing page.

In our opinion, with the sheer amount of easy-to-use landing page creator tools available on the web, the majority of people interested in landing page should not be programming their own landing pages from scratch. However, if your interest is to become better versed in using programming to create real websites then creating a landing page from scratch is a useful exercise as it will teach you fundamentals across a few different web topics.

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Create a Landing Page Without Touching Any Code

In my last piece, I discussed why it was important for every business to use landing pages in their digital client acquisition efforts. After establishing the benefits of a landing page, the next step is creating one. Creating a landing page can be done in one of two ways: by using a tool (content management systems, WordPress plugins, mailing list service, or ready-made templates) or by building the whole page from scratch, which requires programming. It can be challenging to use code to create a landing page, especially if you have no background in coding. This article will walk you through the top tools that will help you with code-free landing page creation.

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Helicopter Landing

Why a Landing Page is Important to Every Business

Any company with an online presence needs to connect their target client audience with the service or product they are trying to sell, an effective way of doing so is through related content. This is where a landing page comes into play. A landing page is a standalone web page, disconnected from a website’s navigation, designed with a single focused objective known as a call-to-action (sign up, buy, download, etc.). Users will arrive at a landing page after clicking on an online ad (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads…etc.), a promotional link, a newsletter campaign, or some other type of digital marketing outreach. This post will discuss why every business should leverage landing pages and how to do so.

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