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Components That Make Up a Business Platform

Building a modern business platform is a requirement for teams, organizations, and teams of teams today. When we defined the “modern enterprise” and “business platform” we took from our experience in working with startups that started their teams in the last ten years, non-profits and associations, and some of the largest companies that have been around. We also have leveraged tremendous knowledge from other institutions and companies such as ITIL and Gartner Research. Continue reading

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Why You Should Keep Learning about Technology

Technology, similar to language, is ever evolving and continues to have a significant impact on business. With the pace of change, we are witnessing a shift in education models in general. The traditional path through university, while creating a strong foundation, does not deliver all of the soft and hard skills that will be needed as business and technology change. It is important to continue learning throughout your career because simply cramming more schooling in at before launching into your chosen profession is not enough. Individuals must prioritize acquiring and developing new skills throughout their careers.

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Business Platform Design - Global Networks

Business Platform Design: The Next Generation of The Modern Enterprise

Before the internet, enterprises that thought about business platform design leveraged technology only when they achieved a certain scale that required technology to operate and to compete at a national or global scale. Phones, & faxes were used to connect disparate units and locations. Mainframes were connected to smaller computers. Today much has changed, but much has remained the same. Instead of phone calls and faxes, different business units talk through email, APIs, and Enterprise Service Buses. Customers use web portals, and mobile apps to interact with The “cloud” representation of the company, the modern-day mainframe. The modern enterprise, as I have called it since 2010 is a set of people, processes, information, and systems (also collectively known as technology) coordinated through the internet.


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Airtable for Managing the Partnership Development Process

Airtable is a really easy to use tool for your business platform, especially for managing your business development processes. We use it for various processes in our team. If you haven’t read my previous post on Airtable, you should. In this and subsequent posts, I’ll be showing you how you can use Airtable specifically to organize, lead, and manage People. Today’s post focuses on business development: How to manage your partnership development process.

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How Business Platforms Are Key to Success

An Early Business Platform Design

An Early Business Platform Design

We at Anant have been building a business platform for the last 10 years.  We have also been helping create modern enterprises, but have recently shifted focus to the business platforms of our clients.  In an effort to convey our refined focusthe Anant team has been taking steps to convey this into a mantra we can follow and communicate to others:

“We inspire CXO’s with best practices and patterns to help them make decisions through evaluations & profiles, and empower them with plans & tools to take action to build their business platforms.”

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