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Market Analysis of Anant's Competitors Cover Slide

Market Analysis of Anant’s Competitors


In this blog post, we introduce two of Anant’s competitors in different areas of Anant’s mission. As Anant is focusing its internal efforts to become a product with users rather than a company with clients, one of the competitors that emerge are Sunan Designs, a design consultancy firm that offers graphic design and digital marketing support. Sunan Designs is an example of the direction that Anant is looking to progress towards. Their user-focused model is built to be service-oriented with the various payment options they present. A second competitor company of ours is Turing Enterprises, a company that assists people in hiring software developers using Turing’s Intelligent Talent Cloud. Given Anant’s role in building and developing data platforms for companies, Turing offers a similar service in a direction that we can continue to grow in. 

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