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Anant: Business Services to SaaS

Anant Corporation currently extends its services as a business platform creator, designer, and manager to numerous companies. However, Anant’s current business plan only allows for a few larger job requests rather than a multitude of small requests. This is due to how such services require a large dedicated amount of time to work on and manage. For Anant’s future expansion, Anant chose to shift focus from client-focused work to offering a service to customers. In other words, rather than focusing on consulting services and business platform design, Anant plans to provide software to a larger range of companies and people.

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Dashboards & Portals

This presentation shows how different options of both open source and software-as-a-service applications compare for building visualization dashboards. It looks at several well-known products such as Microsoft PowerBI, Tableau, and Kibana.

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Business Intelligence Tools We Recommend 4/4 – DataDeck

This is the fourth part of our series covering some of our favorite Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Our previous three posts covered Metabase, Redash, and Tableau. In this post, we will cover DataDeck, an analytics tool that can serve you well if you are just starting out in analytics and want something easy to grasp for you and your team. Check out their online community right here!

In this series we will cover the four following applications:

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Business Platform Design - Global Networks

Business Platform Design: The Next Generation of The Modern Enterprise

Before the internet, enterprises that thought about business platform design leveraged technology only when they achieved a certain scale that required technology to operate and to compete at a national or global scale. Phones, & faxes were used to connect disparate units and locations. Mainframes were connected to smaller computers. Today much has changed, but much has remained the same. Instead of phone calls and faxes, different business units talk through email, APIs, and Enterprise Service Buses. Customers use web portals, and mobile apps to interact with The “cloud” representation of the company, the modern-day mainframe. The modern enterprise, as I have called it since 2010 is a set of people, processes, information, and systems (also collectively known as technology) coordinated through the internet.


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Business Intelligence Lunch & Learn

Choice Paralysis

Nowadays, there are hundreds of business intelligence tools available for companies of all shapes and sizes. Without a doubt, this has both enabled business leaders and slowed them down. It has become difficult to make any choice in an area that has so many of them. 

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