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Apache Cassandra Lunch #42: SSTable Files with SSTableloader

In case you missed it, this blog post is a recap of Cassandra Lunch #42, covering SSTable files. It also covers their relation to SSTableLoader. We also walk through an example using SSTableloader to load data taken from a cluster to a new, empty cluster. The live recording of Cassandra Lunch, which includes a more in-depth discussion, is also embedded below in case you were not able to attend live. If you would like to attend Apache Cassandra Lunch live, it is hosted every Wednesday at 12 PM EST. Register here now!

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Cassandra SSTables Overview

This post will contain an overview of SSTables in Cassandra. We will look at what they are used for in Cassandra as well as their place in the read and write processes. We will take a look at some utilities that allow us to create Cassandra SSTables and extract data from them in order to see what data is actually stored in the SSTables.

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